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Our Mission

Our Mission

Connecting people with neglected, abandoned, and abused horses


Our mission is to find forever homes for the horses, to help connect them with someone willing to care for and love them, and give them the respect that they need and deserve

Our Story

Our Story

The 30 acres that now belong to Noble Hill Horse Rescue began as part of William Penn's land tract. In 1777, it ended up in the hands of a Revolutionary soldier by the name of Captain Thomas Whiteside. He received it as compensation for losing a limb in the war and began his own farming operation.

Patricia Astheimer purchased the land in 2001 to found Noble Hill. Since then she has rescued over 400 horses and currently cares for about 40 on the property.

Some 240 years after Whiteside's ownership, the story of the land has come full circle! It continues to be a working landscape where dozens of horses graze peacefully and await their forever homes. The rescue continues its dedication to veterans by inviting members of the military to work with the horses and learn how to care for them. This has established Noble Hill as a place of healing for both, humans and horses.

The rescue could not exist without the dedication of our volunteers and we're always looking for help in every aspect of operation! 

Click here for more information on volunteering with us! 

Meet Our Staff

Meet Our Founder

Patricia Astheimer

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Pat was born in Florida and grew up in Chester County, PA. Her mother worked for a vet and had horses of her own, so Pat grew up loving animals from an early age.

This passion for helping horses never went away, and though she worked at the post office for 30 years, she never stopped caring about the animals that needed her.

In 1982, she rehabilitated and trained her first rescue, an appaloosa from an abusive situation. After saving one horse, Pat was hooked -- she never went back! After retiring from the post office, she's been on Noble Hill's land since 2001, saving horses and finding them new homes, with a dedicated group of volunteers!

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