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Success Stories

We love to keep you posted on where our rescued horses end up! Check back periodically for new photos and updates

June and Daisy:

June adopted Daisy from Noble Hill a few years ago as a companion animal for another horse named Jack. While Daisy was flaky and skittish at first, Jack and her became inseparable in no time. Nowadays, Daisy is a bit more mellow, and enjoys her time around jack and the whole family, being the perfect precocious companion for Jack and June alike.


Amy B. and Caitlin:

Caitlyn is a Standardbred mare that Amy adopted from Noble Hill in 2015. After careers in racing and as a buggy horse, she is enjoying new adventures on the trails at Fair Hill. She is smart and level-headed, always eager to learn. Amy couldn't ask for a more willing partner on the trail or a sweeter horse on the ground.

Trudy U. and Twilight:

Trudy adopted Twilight a few years back from Noble Hill. While he was hesitant to petting at first, he has quickly changed and now craves all the attention he can get. He enjoys his new calmer life where he is spoiled to his heart's content. Trudy couldn't be happier with any other horse, and the whole family is happier knowing he is in their lives.

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